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What Is The Best Dog Food

Determining what is the best dog food is no simple task. First and foremost, you must establish your criteria for judging different brands of commercial dog food. Deciding what is the best dog food should take into account the quality and value of each selection, as well as which brands most often are recommended by your veterinarian.

Dog food that sells the best or has the catchiest commercials is not an indication of what is the best dog food. Often, commercial dog food brands spend more time and money on advertising and marketing, and less time on perfecting the nutritional content of their products. Dancing puppies, famous cartoon canines, and free toys not unlike in children’s cereal boxes can be a major distraction when considering what is the best dog food; don’t allow clever marketing to influence your purchase and subsequently your dog’s health.

So then, what is the best dog food? The best dog food contains few cheap filler materials like processed wheat and corn. Also, the best dog food contains meats like lamb, turkey, kidney, liver, and good lean chuck beef. The best dog food should also contain a good supply of vegetables, since thirty percent of your dog’s daily diet should be comprised of vegetables. These vegetables may include carrots and squash; however, like its use as starchy filler material, corn is not considered a vegetable so much as it tends to break down as a simple sugar during digestion.

When deciding what is the best dog food, your veterinarian is the best source of accurate and beneficial information. Your veterinarian can evaluate your dog’s nutritional needs and determine what is the best dog food for your specific breed. Likewise, just as humans are all mammals yet we each have certain physical attributes that lead to individual dietary needs, your dog functions much the same way. Your veterinarian is aware of your dog’s medical history and can make a food selection that guarantees the very best for your dog from the puppy years to the adult years.

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