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Types of Dogs


As with any animal, there are many different types of dogs. Each type has a different usefulness to the human population. If you are attempting to decide which type is right for you as a pet, you should consider the following things.

Husky dogs
Spaniel dogs
Collie dogs
German Shepherd dogs

First, you should consider what size of dog you want. This can vary depending upon your living arrangements. For example, if you live in a cramped apartment in the city with several other people, and the dog will primarily be cooped up in your bedroom, a large breed dog is not the best selection for you. If you live on several acres and you want a dog to hike and hunt with you, some of the smaller breeds may not function well within this purpose.

The next thing you must consider is they type of coat you want the dog to have. Coats come in different textures, types, and lengths. You may not have a preference in this area, but then again, you may. Long haired dogs tend to shed more than short haired dogs. Curly dogs need to be professionally groomed more frequently than straight dogs. Moreover, the type of coat your dog has can have an impact on allergy suffers in the home.

Once you've made these decisions, you must decide upon what level of activity you want the dog to have. If you want some one to hike and camp with you, you need one type of animal. If you want a quiet dog who will sit in the house and watch holiday movies with you, you need an entirely different dog.

The different types of dogs range from Akitas to Yorkshire Terriers. One popular breed is the Collie. Known for their gentle, playful manner, among the types of dogs this a great one for families and single adults. Another popular type is the Golden Retriever. He is a versatile pet, great for both hunting and playing with the kids.

Whichever breed you choose among the types of dogs, be sure to choose what works best for you and your family.

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