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Veterinarians and pet experts agree that raw dog food may be the best choice for giving your pet a long, happy, and healthy life. Raw dog food can also be easily prepared at home with everyday and easy to find ingredients. Often making raw dog food doesn’t even necessitate a trip to the grocery store.

To make up a batch of good raw dog food, start with paying close attention to the ratio of meat and starch to vegetable ingredients. Veterinarians agree that all dog food, including raw dog food, should contain thirty percent vegetables, thirty percent starch, and forty percent meat. The vegetables most recommend in raw dog food recipes include carrots, yellow squash, broccoli, zucchini, and yams. If necessary, you may wish to puree these in order to ensure that vegetables like yams and broccoli, which may be tough for your dog to chew, are easily swallowed and digested.

The next step in making great raw dog food is choosing a type of meat. You may use liver or kidneys, as well as lean ground chuck beef, ground or breast fillets of turkey, or stew sized chunks of beef or lamb. In addition to your meat choice, many veterinarians suggest adding supplements to the mixture including minerals and vitamins, as well as types of oil including flax seed which add essential fatty acids.

The final part of any good raw dog food recipe is the starch portion. Soaked barley flakes and soaked oatmeal can make an excellent starch choice for any raw dog food recipe. Avoid using raw corn, beans, or any wheat based starches since in both their raw and cooked forms, these types of starches tend to bother the digestive tracks of many breeds of dogs.

Following these steps will lead you to a great raw dog food recipe that you can make once or twice a week, thus allowing you to store the remainder in the refrigerator. If your dog does not finish a selection after twenty minutes, be sure to place her bowl in the fridge to prevent spoiling.

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