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Pet Medicine

Just like humans, there are times when our pets may suffer from illness and injury and require medication to promote healing and/or ease discomfort. At these times your vet will prescribe the necessary medicines and educate you on how to administer and the proper dosage to give. Your vet may have the medication to supply you with from her office or may actually write a prescription to be filled at a local pharmacy. The cost of pet medicines varies and can be covered under some offered plans of pet health insurance. It is important to keep your pet on the medicine for the duration prescribed by the vet and bring them back for a check up once the regiment is complete.

Sometimes your pet will be on a medicine long term or even for the duration of their lifetime. For instance, in the cases of some diseases and other incurable ailments medications have been designed to ease suffering and slow the progression of the illness. Other long term pet medications may be to prevent acute attacks of epilepsy or even to treat diabetes.

However, it is not only in times of physical duress that dogs or cats require medicine but also to act as preventative care for certain common ailments. For example, dogs should be on a regular heartworm medication schedule for their entire lives to prevent the deadly affliction. Techniques to combat fleas and ticks have also advanced beyond the flea collar and are actually available as certain medications and ointments.

Vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs and cats can also be used as preventive care and to promote overall well being. In addition, certain formulas are available to help combat specifics ailments naturally, such as arthritis. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian before beginning vitamins for your pet and be sure to inform her of all other medications in case of possible interactions.

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