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Pet Medications

Pet medications can be costly and could be needed on a daily basis by your pet perhaps for the duration of their life. For this reason, there are pet insurance policies available which will cover the cost of prescription pet medication for a co pay or small deductible. Some employers even offer this as an option for direct debit under the benefit choices available. To see if enrolling in a pet prescription insurance plan is cost beneficial for you, complete the following calculations.

First, total up the monthly cost of your pet prescriptions; be sure to also include preventative medicines your dog may be on to protect against heartworm or other common ailments. Also, factor in any flea and tick remedies administered; as many pet insurance plans will cover at least a portion of the cost.

Next, check for any additional benefits which may be included in the plan such as reimbursements for premium foods and yearly check ups. Deduct any savings you would incur from the total above. This is your total out of pocket monthly pet prescription cost. Now, compare this to the cost of premiums per month to participate in an insurance plan and any co-pays or deductibles due at time of pickup to determine if it is cost effective for you to enroll.

If the cost of the premiums far exceeds the cost of out of pocket prescription money, a plan may not be necessary for you. However, if the totals are very close, you may want to consider having the protection an insurance plan offers in cases of illness or unforeseeable accident. The thought of your little friend being in distress is tough, but the resulting medical bills could put you and your family into a financial hardship. Pet health insurance and prescription insurance plans protect against substantial financial loss in the event of a pet illness.

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