Feed your dog only the best natural dog food

Organic Dog Food

Many veterinarians and dog experts agree that much of the widely available commercially produced dog foods on the market can have adverse effects on your pet’s health and well-being. I response to this, many small local companies produce organic dog food that is of a higher quality and very beneficial to your pet. Likewise, many dog owners have begun making their own organic dog food.

The first key aspect of organic dog food is that it is not overloaded with artificial colors and flavors, as well as chemical preservatives. These additives are very harmful to your dog and may disrupt her behavior, increase the frequency with which she needs to be taken outside, as well as adversely affect her digestion. Organic dog food does not use any artificial colors or flavors, so although it may not look like or have the consistency of commercial dog food, know that organic dog food is by far a better choice.

Organic dog food also eschews the use of meat by-products and low grade meat combinations. Most organic dog food only contains meat that is human grade, or suitable for human consumption. These meats include turkey and lamb, as well as some liver and kidneys from chickens. Also, organic dog food uses a variety of vegetables that are grown without the aid of herbicides and pesticides. These harmful chemicals can leech into the soil and the vegetable plants, thus leaving traces behind in subsequent commercial dog food brands.

Finally, organic dog food does not contain bulky fillers that can wreak havoc with your pet’s digestive system. Large, commercial dog food brands often use an over abundance of corn or chemically processed wheat and soy as filler material. Organic dog food uses organically grown and easily digestible grains like oats and barley. Making the switch to organic dog food can make all the difference in the life of your family pet.

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