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Male Dog Names

Male dog names come in all different forms. Some owners like to choose names based on the animal's size, shape or color while other people enjoy giving their animals unique, creative sounding names like the writer who named his dog "Italics" or "Ulysses" or the philosophy teacher who named his dog "Plato" or "Socrates". Some individuals prefer names that have a special significance to them such as naming their dogs after past friends, relatives, political figures, or those popular in the media such as actors and/or musicians. The trend for male dog names today seems to have moved away from names such as "Spot" or "Blackie" and more into the domain of names also suitable for people.

Male dog names speak volumes. Before you settle on a name, give it a great deal of thought and pick and choose carefully as your dog will be stuck (for better or for worse) with the same name for the duration of his life. Keep in mind that the name you eventually decide upon will send a message to yourself as well as to others about how you truly feel about your canine and whether or not he plays a paramount role in your life. Dogs need love just like people so remember that when you are tossing around different male dog names.

Most animals learn the sound of their own name quickly and respond to it right away. Names that are short and easy to pronounce are generally the most appropriate picks for male dog names. Some names have more pleasant, connotations than others. Interestingly enough some dogs live up to the hidden meaning behind their name. A recent study showed that more male dogs named Rocky had a tendency to bite than dogs with other gentler sounding names. Want to protect against bites, injuries, and illness? Purchase pet insurance for your dogs to cover their medical expenses in the event of an emergency or unexpected ailment.

Topping the list of the top twenty male dog names is Max, followed by Jake, Buddy, Bailey and Sam. Number six, surprisingly enough belongs to the dog that likes to bite, Rocky, followed by number seven which is Buster. The number eight most popular male dog name is Casey, followed by Cody, Duke, Charlie and number twelve which is Jack. Thirteen through eighteen include the male dog names Harley, Rusty, Toby, Murphy, Shelby and Sparky. The nineteenth and twentieth male dog names include Barney and Winston, respectively. sitemap

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