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Homemade Dog Food

There are a number of great homemade dog food recipes. Most veterinarians and dog experts agree that commercial dog food is not always the best, healthiest option. In fact, many experts warn against using most types of commercial dog food, thus encouraging a wide variety of homemade dog food recipes that are easy to prepare and much appreciated by your family pooch.

Homemade dog food should be a combination of forty percent meat, thirty percent vegetables, and thirty percent starch. By maintaining these ratios in your dog's food bowl, you are giving your pet the very best in balanced nutrition. Most commercial dog foods contain little vegetable or meat ratios and rely heavily on starches and fillers. When choosing meats it is recommended that you use eggs, liver, kidneys, ground turkey, or lean ground beef.

One great homemade dog food recipe is a combination of ground turkey, rice and carrots. The carrots do not have to be cooked, but they should be cut small for both large and small breeds. Another excellent approach to homemade dog food is the combination of ground beef, brewers yeast, brown rice, and once again, carrots. The best meats according to some veterinarians come from organs; substituting liver or kidney in the previous recipes is a great option for dog owners concerned with the amount of vitamins and minerals your canine's diet includes. But even owners who are very attentive to their dog's nutrition may have to deal with unexpected illness or injury: You can better protect your dog's health by purchasing dog insurance to make sure that you are covered in the case of a sudden expense.

Homemade dog food can also be seasoned in order to both give your pet a great tasting meal, but also, many seasonings can actually be beneficial to dogs as well. Adding garlic to a homemade dog food recipe not only adds flavor, but also acts as a natural flea repellant. Egg shells can also be ground up and added to any dish. Egg shells are chock full of nutrients and any egg products can help promote a shiny healthy coat for your dog even in the winter months. sitemap

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