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Home Made Dog Food

Preparing home made dog food is a challenge. However, it is no more difficult than feeding one's family a well balanced and nutritious diet. It is not essential to balance all the nutrients in each individual meal, but the intake of nutrients should be balanced according to a balanced ratio. Home made dog food should be comprised of forty percent meat, thirty percent vegetable and thirty percent carbohydrates.}

It is important to provide your dog with fresh, raw vegetables and good lean meats including eggs, turkey, liver, and kidneys. Similarly, it is better for dogs to eat fresh, raw foods appropriate to their species, than to be fed processed and heavily preserved foods. Commercial dog foods are often more popular than home made dog food due more to their convenience than to any nutrition over home made dog food.

Pet owners considering home made dog food need to educate themselves about it. There are a number of books, articles and Internet sites to go to for information and advice on suitable foods and nutrition. Some authors have had their recipes analyzed by leading veterinarians.

Commercial dog foods rely primarily on grain products for nutrients and as filler, and since many of these may be of sub-human-grade quality, molds and fungus are a concern, and have led to more than one recall. The standards for maintaining appropriate nutrient levels in most manufactured dog foods are poorly regulated, thus further emphasizing the significance of home made dog food. Allergies, skin disease, dental disease, and other health problems are often a problem for dogs on commercial diets. As a result, more and more people are choosing home made dog food. There are now a number of sources for these recipes and just like your own recipes, feel free to experiment and exchange with others.

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