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Free Natural Home Made Dog Food Recipes


There are a number of free natural home made dog food recipes floating around in cyberspace, shared among friends and co-workers, and they are also available in many of your favorite magazines. Most free natural home made dog food recipes can be prepared in just a little time, and the benefits for your dog can last a lifetime.

One recipe that many veterinarians suggest is a combination of lamb and rice. Many websites offer tips on how to prepare lamb and rice for your dog, as well as substitute lamb for chicken and other meats. By combining small pieces of roasted or boiled lamb or chicken with white rice and a bit of water, you guarantee that your dog is getting good, balanced nutrition, and more importantly, this combination is great for dogs who have problems with their digestive systems.

Another great free natural home made dog food recipe is a combination of cooked ground chuck beef, 1/4 lb of cooked calf’s liver, one cup cooked rice or mashed potatoes and even the inclusion of certain over the counter stomach medicines. If your dog has a sensitive belly, adding 1/4 of a standard regular strength stomach acid reducer to their first meal of the day can make a world of difference.

Some pet experts suggest that dogs can have and should have vegetables in small amounts so that gain vitamins and anti-oxidants often absent in generic canned and dry dog foods. Most vegetables can be served raw and in very small chunks, however, squash and zucchini should be slightly cooked in order to ensure they are soft enough for your dog to chew.

There are many resources dedicated to providing pet owners with free natural home made dog food recipes. However, as with humans, whenever you choose to alter your dog’s diet, be sure to run the new changes past your veterinarian to ensure that your best friend is getting the right and proper nutrition she deserves.

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