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The homeless pet population in this country and on a global scale continues to increase and is quickly becoming a heartbreaking epidemic. Failure to spay or neuter domestic animals is the root cause of the homeless pet problem and some animal rights organizations even offer reimbursements to owners upon getting their animal "fixed" so as not to add to the problem. A lack of pet insurance can cause some owners to give up their pets as a result of high medical expenses. Since the recent hurricanes on the Gulf Coast and the subsequent flooding, the number of homeless pets had risen dramatically and the need for loving homes is bigger than ever.

Pets for adoption can be found at local animal shelters and free dog adoption clinics encourage people to come and meet some of the dogs in need of a home while being provided with resources on hundreds of others dogs available. Experts are usually on hand to answer questions and help you in your search for the perfect family dog. If interested in adopting, an application must be completed to ensure the dog will be provided a proper home and the cost of vaccinations and spay or neutering which may be required is usually less than $200. Pet insurance can also help you manage these costs of regular veterinary appointments and unexpected procedures and treatments. Considering what a dog usually costs retail, the good karma in the bank and the years of joy your adopted dog is sure to bring to your home, it's really a small amount to pay to save a life.

In addition to canine adoption clinics, many large pet stores offer added service to help people find the perfect homeless dog to adopt. For instance, adoption centers may be found at a kiosk which has descriptions, photos and contact information for adoptable pets around the country. The pet store may even be able to help make arrangements to meet your new pal prior to bringing them home. Some pet stores even offer savings incentives and rewards when adoption papers are presented as a way of thanking people for taking part in ending large-scale pet homelessness. sitemap

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