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Most people want what is best for their dogs by way of a responsible owner, a loving home and proper health and medical care. If you are searching for a dog or dogs keep in mind the fact that there are free dogs out there who are in need of a good home and places that charge a lot for dogs don't necessarily have better dogs, just more pricey ones.

When searching for free dogs one of the best places to begin your search is at your veterinarian's office (and/or other ones in your local area). After all, people who love their dogs and take excellent care of them visit veterinarians on a regular basis for checkups, shots, health testing, and other services. Dog insurance can make this care even more affordable. Unexpected illness and injury become much more manageable under a pet insurance plan that will allow you to get your dog the care they need. This is the meeting place for animal lovers, so make them your first stop for free dogs. Many people will do up flyers of their dogs being offered to a good home and will include a photo, a description of the dog and its sex, age, name, and personality characteristics as well as their contact information.

Bulletin boards abound everywhere there are large groups of people to view them, so keep that in mind when searching for free dogs. Check out the bulletin board at your church, local pet stores, grocery stores, schools, gymnasiums, recreation center, and any other activity or community oriented bulletin board in your area.

Organizations that are geared towards pet rescue efforts are often not for profit and very often have a selection of free dogs for adoption. There are always people who for one reason or another can no longer care for their dogs and bring them to the shelter or rescue center in the hopes that a good home will be found for their pet. For example when an elderly person dies or someone in the family dies suddenly other family members may be unable to take in the orphaned pet and instead decide to find him or her a new home. Don't overlook the free dogs at these places for loving pets. Sometimes they make some of the most caring and loyal pets you will ever find.

Classifieds in newspapers offer options for advertising for free dogs although this method is generally not as resourceful or as safe a way to go as you are less likely to know anything about the people who answer your ad (or vice versa, if you are answering someone else's ad). But it is worth a try. And remember intuition and first impressions count for a lot when you meet people.

Newspaper classifieds can be expensive so if you would like to go this route for advertising but need to do it on a cheaper budget consider one of your local publications. Many small towns have their own publications, some almost solely devoted to want ads and classifieds. For a fraction of the cost of bigger newspapers many of these smaller publications will allow you a larger area with which to describe and/or elaborate on the free dogs you have or the free dogs you wish to adopt. sitemap

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