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Fat Dog

Do you have a fat dog? As much as we dog lovers prefer to refer to our overweight pal as “chubby” or “big boned” we all agree that being overweight is not good for our dog’s overall well being. Excess weight can pose a serious of health risks much the same as with overweight humans. Some conditions related to a large percentage of body fat in your dog can include heart and respiratory problems, orthopedic conditions caused by stress on joints and even delayed healing times. It is important to monitor your dog’s weight frequently and to provide the basic framework for a fit and healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Have your dog weighed every time you are at the vet and frequently use your hands to determine if their girth has increased. Fur can hide a lot of body mass so by using your hands, you can make a more accurate determination without needing a large pet scale in your home. The best way to avoid too much excessive weight in your dog is by not allowing any table scraps and keeping treats or snacks to only a few per week. Of course the amount the food your dog can eat while maintaining a healthy weight depends on the activity level of the dog as well as certain individual characteristics such as metabolic rate. In addition to monitoring the amount of food given, be sure it is a high quality premium food made from all natural ingredients. Natural ingredients work better with your dog’s body and will provide the needed energy for daily exercise without gaining additional weight.

Exercise for your dog should at a minimum include a daily walk of moderate length at a nice pace. Not only will the exercise benefit your dog, but the change of surroundings will stimulate her intellectually and the walk together promotes bonding. In addition to your daily walk, excursions to the park, playing Frisbee and even swimming are other great opportunities to have fun with your favorite little companion while letting her enjoy the benefits of exercise and an active and healthy lifestyle.

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