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Dog Rescue

The massive hurricanes and subsequent flooding which devastated the Gulf Region of the United States in August of 2005 left many homeless in its aftermath. Among the homeless were hundreds of dogs and cats and quite possibly the largest scaled animal rescue in American history was undertaken. New Orleans had the most homeless animals due to unexpected and massive flooding after the failure of the levy system.

In heartbreaking stories, some pets lost entire families, became lost in the confusion or simply had to be left behind in what must have been an excruciating decision for their owners. Government and private organizations quickly went to work on pet search and rescues and brought recovered animals to local shelters and volunteers who would attempt to relocate the animals with their families. Many successful rescues were made and a portion of the recovered pets have found their way back to their owners. However, the number still in need of a home continue to crowd animal shelters and have now been spread out across several states to help meet the demand for space.

There are several ways you can help in this massive cat and dog rescue operation. First and foremost, find a little room in your heart and home for an animal who needs nothing more and adopt a homeless pet. Regardless of whether your adopted dog is a Katrina survivor or not, you’ve made a big difference. If taking a pet in right now is not an option, a charitable monetary donation can be made to the various rescue organizations and animal shelters. Also, check their websites to see if they offer “sponsorship” programs in which you can sponsor a pet until they are placed in a home. If you would like to get hands on, look for volunteer positions at local animal shelters or pet rescue organizations. By simply raising awareness of the problem and stressing the importance of adopting a pet rather than purchasing one, you are providing a voice for the millions of animals who cannot speak for themselves.

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