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Although dogs love being outdoors, even the most fearless like a place of their own in which to retreat safely. A dog house in a corner of your dog's outside play area gives your dog a sense of security, shade on a hot, sunny afternoon and protection from the elements as needed. Choosing the perfect dog house first should be determined on the size of your dog. A dog house should be small enough to be convenient and provide a sense of cozy comfort, but big enough so your dog can turn around in it comfortably.

Next, the climate in which you live and the amount of time your dog may be spending outside are factors to consider. If in an area which has harsh, cold winter months, an insulated plastic doghouse with a self closing door will provide your dog the warmth and protection from the elements it needs. Other dog houses are designed to be customized according to season with interchangeable windows and doors. Regardless of climate, a dog house should have a raised floor which will provide the driest and warmest surface possible and have a water resistant roof. If looking for a dog house constructed from wood, cedar acts as a natural insect repellent and is aesthetically pleasing. A dog house should enhance your dog's health and safety. Pet insurance is also an important investment you can make to make sure your dog stays healthy.

Styles of dog houses are endless and designed to compliment your yard. Some are even designed to duplicate house architectural styles such as English Tudor or log cabin.

Other dog houses are collapsible and soft sided with zipper doors and screened windows. These portable dog houses are perfect for those people who live in an apartment and have a shared yard. You and your dog can laze in the yard together on a Sunday and his portable dog house will provide him the sanctuary he may want. Or after a nice long romp at the dog run in the park, you can put your dog in his portable dog house and stretch out with a book while you both enjoy the breeze. sitemap

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