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Dog Health

Responsible pet owners strive to always provide the best quality of life possible, promote over well being and keep their dog as happy as possible. Maintaining optimal physical health in your dog is possible with the advice and guidance of a veterinarian who regularly sees the dog for check ups. Your vet will advise you on when vaccination boosters may be due and which heartworm medication would be best for your dog. In addition to proper medical care, lifestyle choices determined by you will set the tone for your dog’s overall health.

Exercise is essential for keeping your dog’s heart healthy, keeping off excess weight and because the fresh air and mental stimulation is essential for his emotional well being. Coupled with a regular exercise routine, a healthy diet consisting of all natural, low fat, premium food in appropriate amounts will keep your dog in optimal condition well into his senior years. When choosing a dog food, scan the ingredients for foods that you recognize such as rice, carrots, apples, lamb and avoid long, unpronounceable, obviously chemical ingredients contained in many cheaper supermarket dog foods.

Regular grooming and upkeep is not only crucial to a dog’s happiness, but is actually essential to their health as well. Keeping your dog’s eyes and ears from being grown over with hair will help prevent infections and will improve your dog’s alertness. Regular washing and brushing can help to avoid sore spots or excessive drying of the skin. Other aspects of health care incorporated into the grooming process are the trimming of the toenails and proper dental care. Many dog groomers offer a teeth brushing service and pet stores sell dog toothpaste so you may do it yourself at home. Trimming your dog’s nails when needed is crucial to prevent them from growing under and into the pad, creating a very painful condition. If you are unsure of trimming your dog’s toenails, most vets and groomers will offer this service for a minimal charge. In the instance that a nail is cut too short, a solvent found at vets or simply some white enriched flour can promote clotting and minimize bleeding.

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