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Dog Food Recipes


There are a number of great dog food recipes that can provide your pet with a healthy, balanced, and great tasting meal regimen each and every day. Many pet owners now look to dog food recipes as an alternative to mass produced commercial brands of dog food which have the potential of doing more harm than good for your pet.

Great dog food recipes always start by keeping a close eye on the ratio and proportion of meat, vegetables, and starch. Veterinarians and dog experts agree that dog food recipes should be about one third vegetable, a little under a third starch, and just over a third meat. The best meats to use in dog food recipes include kidney, liver, lean ground chuck, pieces of stew beef, ground turkey or turkey breasts, lamb, and boneless chicken. The most highly recommended dog food recipes include the use of vegetables like broccoli, carrots, yellow squash, cooked yams, and zucchini.

Dog food recipes must also include a good starch or source of carbohydrates. These include barley and barley flakes, oatmeal, as well as brown or white rice. Try to avoid using filler starches in your dog food recipes including corn, processed wheat, or an abundance of soy. Some of these starches may be added to dog food recipes raw, like soaked barley flakes. However, be sure to cook oatmeal or brown and white rice before adding it to your mixture.

Another key ingredient in dog food recipes is the addition of certain vitamins and supplements. For example, adding flax seed oil to your dog food recipes will ensure that your pet is receiving a good amount of beneficial fatty acids. There are also a number of canine supplements that add enzymes that aid in digestion, as well as other supplements that increase the amount of vitamins in your dog’s food beyond what occurs naturally in your vegetable choices.

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