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Dog Food Recipe

Here’s a great dog food recipe that I use for our best friend and faithful companion. Whether your dog is a small breed like a terrier or toy, or a larger breed including labs, golden retrievers, and German shepherds, this dog food recipe is sure to satisfy.

For this great dog food recipe, start by using dehydrated vegetables which are often cheaper, healthier, and easier to work with than fresh, canned, or frozen vegetables. Next, choose a variety of meat. Some of the best varieties to consider include ground turkey, liver, kidney, and good lean chuck ground beef. Lamb also makes an excellent choice for a good dog food recipe since it can be a great alternative for dogs that have unsettled stomachs and trouble digesting other cuts of meat as well as most types of commercial dog food brands.

Combine your meat selection and the dehydrated vegetables with cooked white or brown rice as the perfect starch to hold your dog food recipe together. As the mixture cooks, try adding a bit of garlic for both flavor and as a natural way of preventing your dog from getting fleas. After the mixture cooks for at least one half hour, remove from heat and allow it to cool for at least ten or fifteen minutes before serving to your dog.

You will always prepare more than enough with this dog food recipe. Pack up the leftovers in individual sized storage bags in pre-measured amounts. Store two of them in the refrigerator and place the remaining bags in the freezer. You should only store this dog food recipe in the fridge for three days maximum. When you exhaust the supply in the fridge, remove three days worth from the freezer and allow it to thaw inside the refrigerator. Your dog will over her new regimen and a warning to those who may make this recipe: it will cause sudden and long lasting instances of tail wagging.

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