Feed your dog only the best natural dog food

Dog Food Nutrition

Dog food nutrition is not something to be taken lightly. Many veterinarians agree that pet owners should take the same approach to finding healthy and nutrient filled meals for their dogs as they do themselves or their families.

Finding adequate dog food nutrition information is as easy as logging on to the internet and searching the wide breadth and scope of materials available for downloading and sharing with your veterinarian so as to ensure your dog is getting the very best out of her dietary regimen. Today, most veterinarians even have good, healthy options available for purchase right in the office. If not, your veterinarian can direct you toward brands and establishments concerned with and attentive to dog food nutrition.

Reading and comparing labels is the best way to start considering your dog food nutrition needs and wants. Always look for all natural ingredients with no meat by-products or unnecessary fillers like corn meal which is often used as a cheap and quick method for increasing production and profits. Next, read closely and determine what meats are in fact being used in the dog food you have selected. Look for brands that stick to the preferred ratio of approximately thirty percent each for vegetables and starches, and forty percent for meat including lamb, turkey, and quality ground beef. If the dog food nutrition information provided does not meet this major standard, choose another product.

Try visiting local farms and kennels which advertise in your town or city’s newspaper and on television. These establishments are often very concerned with dog food nutrition and will prove helpful and dedicated to what is best for your dog and her health and longevity. Whenever possible, try to support these local institutions and organizations so they may continue to work toward moving dog owners away from large commercial brand foods, to more responsible and healthy alternatives.

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