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Dog Food Bowls


Good quality dog food bowls come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and designs to fit all of your feeding and watering needs. Most styles can be found at your local pet store, large chain pet stores, and at a variety of on-line retail dog supply sites.

One of the most popular types of dog food bowls is made of stainless steel. Among the many advantages to stainless steel dog food bowls is an easy and pain free clean-up, as well as the fact that water stays cooler in a stainless steel dog food bowl. Stoneware dog food bowls provide some of the same benefits of stainless steel models including the fact that they are often scratch resistant and cannot be chewed and mangled by your dog.

Some dog food bowls are designed to help you both feed and water your dog, as well as serve additional needs. Many companies now make dog food bowls that have locking lids so that you can keep the bowl on the floor but lock the lid to prevent either other dogs or your own from taking food when the time is not appropriate like very late at night, and when you are out for the afternoon. Other dog food bowls come with hooks so you can attach them to the side of your pet’s coop for all day feeding and watering when you are not their to care for them. Other dog food bowls are designed for accommodating the needs of various breeds. Most stores now carry dog food bowls that have a wide base and a small top opening so that long eared breeds can avoid dunking their ears in their food and water, which can lead to infection or a bath—neither often appealing to your dog.

Finally, alongside the variety of dog food bowls are those meant to both serve your pet’s needs and aesthetically add some flavor to your home décor. Many of these dog food bowls use ceramics in order to make it look like actual dogs holding bowls; others have designs and patterns in a variety of colors on them as well.

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