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One of the best ways to ensure your dog’s health is to choose the correct food and feed her the appropriate amounts according to size, breed and activity level. Healthy diets, in addition to daily exercise are the two main ingredients for a happy, healthy dog or puppy. When choosing a dog food, always use the age appropriate formula such as senior or puppy.

Dogs at different life stages require different things and metabolize food differently, always choose dog food carefully for the right age group. Talk with your veterinarian about the food that may be recommended as being best suited for your dog’s individual needs. For example, dogs and puppies with irritable digestive tracts may be better able to digest a meal containing lamb and rice rather chicken and wheat due to the different ways in which these foods metabolize.

If changing dog food, never make the switch abruptly as this will severely upset the dog’s digestive system and could result in diarrhea or vomiting. Make the switch by gradually substituting 1/3 of the food with the new formula for 2 days and then increasing a little at a time so that in one week- the bowl contains only the new food. By switching very gradually, you’ve given your dog’s stomach time to make the needed adjustments and avoided any discomfort on her part and messes to clean on yours!

In addition to the food given at mealtimes, you may wish to indulge your dog with a snack or treat at certain points throughout the day. It is recommended that no more than one treat a day be given and preferably those made only from natural ingredients. Dogs, especially smaller breeds, have a tendency to become overweight if too much snacking occurs between mealtimes.

Veterinarians disagree on whether it is better to give your dog a meal at specific times to be eaten immediately, or if a measured amount of food can be left out so your dog may “graze” whenever she feels hungry. See which seems to work best for your dog as far as ease of digestion and level of energy maintained to decide which is best for her.

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