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Dog Care

Dog care consists of six primary areas of concern; health, grooming, nutrition, exercise, security and happiness. By striving to achieve the right balance of these factors you are helping to ensure the health and overall well being of your dog.

Maintaining your dog’s health is directly related to proper nutrition and diet but may also entail other areas of interest. Taking your dog to the veterinarian for check ups from a very young age is a must. Many canine diseases or illnesses can be treated more effectively if detected in the early stages. Also, your puppy needs certain vaccinations in order to protect him against serious illness and infection. Your vet can advise you at which ages the immunizations should be administered. A heartworm prevention regimen is also highly recommended from the start and can protect your dog through his life from this often fatal parasite. Again, your vet will advise you on the correct medicine and appropriate dosage to prevent heartworm infection.

In addition to routine medical check ups, your dog’s diet is crucial to his overall health and quality of life. Most vets agree that premium food with all natural ingredients is often the most nutritious diet available for your dog. Cheaper supermarket dog food tend to consist of chemical and byproducts which will not promote your dog’s heath the way all natural items will. However, even with the best quality food, your dog needs exercise to maintain a slim physique, good stamina and a healthy heart. At least one walk is recommended every day and the distance can vary depending on the size and age of your dog. Most expert dog trainers agree that walking is one of the best ways to bond with your dog; so by protecting his physical well being, you’re also tending to his emotional well being.

After meeting all of his physical needs, your dog must still feel protected and as though his best interests are being tended to. To provide a dog this sense of security, only punish appropriately and never strike your dog. Also, many smaller breeds prefer having a crate to seek refuge in when they get skittish. Having a healthy, well adjusted dog is easy with some know how, a little patience and a lot of compassion.

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