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Dog Accessories

While they may not revolutionize being a pet owner; there are countless dog accessories currently available that come pretty close by making your life so much easier. You have all the basics and although you may spoil your dog a little, will never admit to it. But who’s spoiling you?

As a dog owner, one of the biggest inconveniences ( albeit worth it) is cleaning up your dogs messes from daily walk or even your own yard. While it’s unpleasant, cleaning up doody is part of being a responsible dog owner who lives in the city, shares an apartment yard with others, takes their dog to public parks or just likes a nice clean smelling yard for themselves and their family. However, there are some products on the line which make this a little easier and even more sanitary.

As a city dweller, my favorite dog accessory by far is the refillable poop bag dispenser which attaches right to the leash. This simple, yet ingenious little device is a time and effort saver in many ways. First and foremost, anyone who has ever raised a puppy or who has more than one dog knows how quickly plastic bags from the grocery store run out. This alleviates that problem by selling the refill bag rolls in multiples, allowing you to stock up for a long time. Secondly, we can’t all time when nature is going to call and prepare in advance by grabbing a bag from behind the fridge. Because the dispenser attaches right to the leash it is with you and your dog at all times to use as needed. The bags are long enough to allow for full coverage of your hand and rarely lead to any messes, their length also allows them to tie up quickly to be disposed of.

Next time you are headed to the pet store to quickly run through your list of must haves, slow done and take some time to browse. The gadgets and time saving tools which are now available to pet owners truly are astonishing and who knows, may even revolutionize being a pet owner.

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