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Dog Treats


Dog treats are not an absolute necessity for any dog but they are a very good idea. Dog treats are a perfect way to help develop a strong, trusting bond between yourself and your dog. They are also an appropriate way to let your dog know that he/she has pleased you. Think of dog treats as a reward for a job well done! Another time they come in handy is when used in accordance with positive reinforcement for obedience training.

In order to know which dog treats are best for your pet ask yourself what your reason for giving them is (as previously mentioned, as a form of praise and/or after an obedience class), how often you will offer the treat, how healthy your dog is, the flavors your dog enjoys eating, and perhaps even think about the size of his/her mouth and what his chewing abilities are. Remember too that puppies have smaller and softer teeth and that senior dogs often have more sensitive teeth, so for both these groups of dogs, softer dog treats are more appropriate.

Dog treats are so much better for your canine than are scraps from the table. However it is important to give them sparingly and to not allow them to affect or replace regular meals. As a general rule a dog’s diet should consist of no more than ten percent of dog treats.

The kind of treats you feed your dog is important. If you plan to treat your dog fairly often then consider buying smaller, low-calorie dog treats that don’t promote weight gain. There are some treats that are excellent at supporting good dental health in dogs. Crunchy dog treats, especially in the form of dog biscuits are smart choices and most dogs enjoy the flavor of them. These dog treats work by scraping tartar off teeth and preventing the formation of new tartar. Some dog treats are specifically touted as being dental treats because they provide dental benefits even greater than those of regular dog biscuits. These dental dog treats help strengthen tooth enamel, prevent tartar buildup and even contain an active agent in them that freshens breath (much like a mouthwash for dogs).

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