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Dog Shows

Attending dog shows can be lots of fun. Especially if you are participating in one. If you have a show quality dog, then you know training for dog shows is pertinent. It is hard work, but still a lot of fun and rewarding.

Before you enter you dog into dog shows, consider having your dog go to behavior training and obedience training. These training schools help your dog with activity training. They will learn new commands, and know how to respond to certain situations. If you have previously sent your dog to training courses that were successful, these training classes will probably also be a success. You as the owner should also attend a handling class, or find a good video that explains in detail on how to handle your dog. Try to find specific instructions that go with the breed of your dog. Each dog breed is different and has unique learning styles.

Once you and your dog have attended such courses, it is not time to leash train your dog for the dog shows. You begin by putting the leash on the dog, and allowing him to walk where ever he wants to go while you follow behind. Once he gets the hang of this, you can continue in the leash training. Call the dog as you walk along side of him. When you want to change the direction you are walking, give a slight tug on the leash so his head will turn in the direction you are going. If he obeys your commands, give him lots of praise and continue on with the training. Continue repeating the procedure until he automatically knows what the tug on the leash means. This will give a great look at the dog shows when your dog willingly obeys you.

When you have all of the walking down pack, begin teaching your dog poses. This will make a great look for your dog shows contests. Have fun while training your dog. Go to professional groomers and give your dog a cute do.

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