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Dog Rescue

The primary goal of a dog rescue organization is to care for all dogs that come through their doors, and to make every effort possible to find responsible, loving owners who will give them a good home. Many shelters are filled with stray dogs, dogs that for one reason or another no one could look after anymore, unwanted animals and sadly, those that have been rescued from animal shelters and were only days (or sometimes hours) from being euthanized. Dog rescue organizations play other important roles in the community as well, in the form of providing both education and support services for dog owners and/or potential dog adoptees.

As well dog rescue organizations and groups take exceptionally good care of the animals they house and generally will have the dogs spayed or neutered for a very low price (some don’t charge at all). These dog rescue groups also make it a priority to provide free or low cost care and training programs, and provide educational tools in whatever area the potential owner is seeking. Whether you have owned many dogs throughout your life or are new at it, the helpful staff at a dog rescue would be more than willing to assist you in any way that they can.

A great deal of dog rescue organizations are not-for-profit and are foster-based rescues with an absolute no-kill policy in place. They frequently advertise in the newspaper, on television and over the Internet with photos of some of the dogs they have at their rescue who are in need of good homes. Potential candidates can visit these dog rescue organizations and can peruse the many dogs that are living there to choose the one that best suits themselves and their family. After a relatively simple application form is filled out, there is a short waiting period before the animal can be adopted out. All animals must be given a clean bill of health before they are permitted to leave with their new owners. Many rescues give people the opportunity to spend some quality time with the dog of their choice, including taking him/her out into the yard for a walk.

Rescuing a dog is a very noble, selfless thing to do. First-rate pets come in all different shapes and sizes and dog rescue organizations have plenty of those. Keep in mind the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated.”

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