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Dog Names


Dog names can be enjoyable to choose but can also be a daunting task. Is it possible that one name can suit a dog better than another? Should dog names mirror human beings names or should you choose names based on the size, shape, color and/or personality traits of your dog? Should you go for serious sounding names or choose fun ones?

Dog names reflect so many things about the animals and are every bit important as humans names. The name you choose also accurately sends a message about how you feel about your dog and whether he or she plays an essential role in your life. Interestingly enough some dog names have a more positive connotation than others and some are most definitely a conversation piece. Just like people, some individuals like to name their dogs after someone significant to them or someone they admire (such as someone who enjoys the work of William Shakespeare and chooses to name their dog Shakespeare). Shorter names that roll off the tongue easily are generally most favorable as they are easier for the owner to say and simpler for the animal to learn.

To date the most popular name for a dog in North America is Sam (the meaning of the name being “listener”) and other versions of the name such as Samantha or Sammie. Sammie can easily be a male or female dog’s name. Moving on to the second most popular when it comes to dog names is Max (which comes from the Latin word meaning “the greatest”) and other adaptations of the name including Maxie, Maxine and Maxwell. The third most popular dog name is a female name, Lady, which is closely followed by the names Bear, Maggie, Buddy, Tasha, Chelsea (sometimes spelled Chelsie), Holly and Shasta. Other very popular boy dog names include Jake, Casey, Cody, Duke, Rusty, Toby, Barney and Winston. Other very popular girl dog names include Molly, Lucy, Ginger, Sasha, Katie, Missy, Brandy and Taffy.

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