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Dog Houses


Thoughts of dog houses always come to mind when talk of getting new dogs crops up. A dog’s house is your dog’s own special place, depending of course on how much time he or she spends outdoors. Dog houses bring up all sorts of considerations such as the size, shape and material it will need to be constructed of. If you decide to build your own remember that dog houses, like all other forms of construction, require a good set of plans.

Always keep your dog foremost in your mind when it comes to dog house design. Dog houses should always be built large enough that the individual dog is able to stand up comfortably and turn around without risk of bumping his or her head. Is your dog small, medium or large in stature? If it is a puppy keep in mind the growth factor.

Certain points have to be kept in mind when you take on the project of building a dog house. Always choose materials that are sturdy, non toxic and non harmful. If you are using what is considered to be a free dog house plan that you have created yourself, beforehand jot down some notes to aid you in your task. Before you start assemble all of your tools and materials. Tools you will need to build your dog house include a hammer, a tape measure, a square, a circular saw, a table saw (sometimes optional), a paintbrush and a dust mask. The materials required for homemade dog houses include a 4x 8’ sheet of 5/8” exterior siding, two 2x4s (one measuring 1-8’ and the other 1-10’), a variety of nails (16d for the base, 8d for the actual house and if you choose to use shingles, short roofing nails), shingles (are not an absolute necessity but do help to protect the house even better), finishing material (such as non toxic wood or paint), protective eyewear in the form of goggles and protection for your ears.

Dog houses can easily be made into weekend projects that the entire family can participate in. Remember that the floor of the dog house should not sink into the ground but rather should sit high enough off the ground to prevent water from pouring in. Also a raised floor helps keep the level of cold air to a minimum in the wintertime.

Important to keep in mind is the type of habits your dog has. If your dog is like the famous cartoon dog Snoopy and enjoys basking in the sun on top of the roof of his/her dog house it would not be a good idea to shingle the roof as shingles can heat up when the summer sun is beating down and your dog could get a nasty burn on his paws. Instead of shingles use an exterior plywood panel that is treated with a preservative (non toxic of course) such as one made of linseed oil.

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