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Dog Grooming

By performing proper dog grooming on your pet, you are doing him a favor. dog grooming does a couple of things for your canine: it makes him look better and it contributes to both his mental and physical health. Overall, your dog will simply be happier and healthier if you give him a proper dog grooming on a consistent basis.

When dog grooming you want to make sure you take good care of the coat. In fact, you should brush your dog every day. This portion of dog grooming helps your pet’s coat to stay in good condition by helping to remove dirt while spreading out the helpful natural oils in your dog’s coat. The process stops tangles from forming in the hair while keeping the skin clean and irritant free.

Another healthy aspect of dog grooming is nail trimming. Trim your dog’s nails about every four weeks or so. Use specifically designed clippers found at your local pet store, and make sure you pick up a bottle of clotting powder, just in case you cut too close to the quick.

Dog grooming also involves making sure your pet’s ears are cared for. Ear infections are not uncommon in dogs and can be painful and lead to hearing loss. Keep the ears clean and cared for, but if your dog is scratching or shaking his head often or displays redness in the ear, he may need to see a vet.

When you are performing dog grooming don’t forget your dog’s teeth. If you are dog grooming be sure to use a small toothbrush that has very soft bristles. If you are uncomfortable performing such a procedure, many vets offer tooth cleaning services as well.

Lastly, dog grooming is about making sure your pet is cleaning. Your dog should be bathed about every 8=10 weeks in most cases. Be sure you brush the dog before the bath so that all mats are out of his coat before he jumps in.

Dog grooming is not just a luxury for your canine companion, it is also a health requirement. So take care of your dog, keep him healthy, and either perform your own dog grooming or find a professional.

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