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Dog Fleas

Little do people know, dog fleas can transmit diseases and tapeworms. By keeping your dog in its original environment and the things around him clean, this will help prevent the outbreak of dog fleas on your dog’s body. Having dog fleas is definitely not fun to have for the dog. They tend to be very itchy, and the parts the dog begins to scratch may eventually become infected if not treated early. The first important part that owners should be aware of is to understand the life of dog fleas.

An adult female flea can lay one egg per hour for every hour of her life, which is usually three months. Dog fleas love to be in the heat and humidity and are most active in the summer and fall time. You can help prevent indoor fleas indoors by vacuuming your home thoroughly and frequently. Pay close attention to the corners of your house and any cracks and crevices because fleas and flea eggs can harvest in such places. You should always dispose of vacuum cleaner bags immediately after you vacuum suspect flea areas because the fleas can escape out of the bag.

Dog fleas can be removed from your dog by using a fine toothed comb, and then drop the fleas into soapy water so you will drown them. Watch your dogs for signs of flea troubles. If the dog begins to have excessive scratching, biting around the tail and lower back, or dried blood on their skin, it is suggested to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Raw patches on the skin can be caused by the dog biting and scratching himself excessively. Talk to your veterinarian about various treatments for your dog flea plagued pet and how to prevent the dog fleas from coming back. Your dog will greatly appreciate this.

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