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Dog Care

The family dog is a source of unconditional love, friendship, and loyalty. The only thing he asks from you in return is life essentials, love, and a return of friendship. These are simple things to care for and are the foundation of proper dog care. Overall, however, there are 10 essential dog care responsibilities.

The first rule of dog care is to make sure your friend has a proper collar and ID tag. The collar and tag should have your dog’s name, address, and a telephone number where you can be reached in case he is lost.

Second in dog care is simply follow the law. Contact your local law enforcement, animal control, veterinarian, or animal shelter to find out what your area’s legal requirements are.

The third rule in dog care seems simple, but is one that should be followed at all times. Simply stated, if you and your dog are off of your property, your dog needs to be on his or her leash.

Fourth, the common sense of dog care dictates that your dog should have proper shelter. Dogs should not be left alone outside for long periods of time, but if they are outside, they need to have a doghouse or some sort of dry shelter in the case of bad weather.

The fifth rule of dog care involves his health and long term well being. Find a veterinarian you like and make sure your dog sees him or her on a regular basis for check-ups and shot updates. Dog care starts with you, but your veterinarian is almost a second set of hands caring for your dog.

Sixth, make sure you have your dog spayed or neutered. Dogs that have had this done have a tendency to live longer and healthier lives. The action also, obviously, helps control the pet population.

The seventh thing to consider about dog care is maybe enrolling your pet in a training class. A good, positive training class will not only help to train your dog, but will also help you to learn the proper ways to train your dog on your won.

Eighth when it comes to dog care is to make sure he gets enough exercise. It is important for dogs, as it is for humans, to get exercise and stay in shape. Walking your dog a couple of times a day, or making a family trip to the dog park all will help to keep your canine happy and healthy.

Ninth, make sure your dog is getting fed well. Feeding well includes a nutritionally balanced diet. Dog care your dog should also have constant access to clean fresh water. Your dog’s health starts with his diet and exercise.

Lastly in terms of dog care, be loyal to your dog as he is to you. With that, make sure you are patient and always setting reasonable expectations for your dog. Behavior medication and training can take time, so make sure you keep his feelings in mind.

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