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Dog Apparel

Choosing and buying the right dog apparel is not as difficult as you may initially think. All you have to do is know what dog apparel is best for your particular breed or type of dog. Make sure that accent pieces coordinate, that dog apparel proportions are appropriate, and that you understand what looks best on your dog. So before you head out on that shopping spree for Fido, make sure you have an idea of what is going to look best on him.

For long haired dogs, seek out dog apparel with accessories. Ribbons, nice collars, and bandanas look much better on longer haired breeds. If you have a shorter haired dog, seek out dog apparel that shows off the nice grooming and smooth coat. Though dog apparel is not a necessity per say, it is something to consider when a dog is very tiny with a short coat. Chihuahuas, for instance, tend to loose heat. For such dogs, a nice sweater is the perfect dog apparel.

For the most part, dog apparel is a luxury and not a necessity. That means it’s something you should have fun with and enjoy. Take your dog with you to shop for his or her dog apparel and find out not only what looks best on your dog, but also what functions best on your dog. Most toy breeds will enjoy a sweater, while long haired dogs may want only minimal dog apparel. Otherwise, the long haired breeds may get itchy. In the end, though, picking out dog apparel is about the entire outfit. Look for not only the right shirts or sweaters, but also the right accessories. Jeweled collars, fancy leashes, hats, and the like are all part of dog apparel and are something you should be careful not to ignore when trying to make your dog look his or her best.

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