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Diet Dog Food


Diet dog food can help maintain good, healthy body weight for older or less active dogs. Similarly, some dog breeds cannot digest the meat by-products and cheap fillers like corn and over-processed wheat that is found in virtually all economy brands of dry and canned dog food. Diet dog food, on the other hand, often contains fewer preservatives and artificial ingredients as well as leaner cuts of meat and more quality starches.

Purchasing diet dog food can be as easy as making a trip or simple phone call to your veterinarian. Most vets can provide several options for pet owners considering a switch to diet dog food. More importantly, your veterinarian is fully aware of your dog’s current medical condition including weight, age, amount of physical activity she receives, and whether or not she has any special attributes that would sway him from recommending certain brands or formulas of diet dog food. Finally, many veterinarians offer diet dog food for purchase at their respective establishments, in which case, you can be certain your dog is still receiving necessary vitamins and other nutrients in her daily food, irregardless of her being “on a diet.”

Another great way of introducing diet dog food into your pet’s daily regimen is to spend a bit of time making dog food at home from scratch. When you prepare home cooked meals for your dog, you can choose to add rice as the main starch, as opposed to corn or wheat which breaks down more readily into simple sugars. Next, add some lean meats like lamb or turkey. Finally, add some fresh vegetables like carrots or squash to the mix. This homemade mixture is lower in fat and calories, avoids all preservatives and artificial ingredients, and allows you to be certain that your dog is receiving the proper ratio of meat to starch and vegetables. Diet dog food is a great option to consider when it appears the family pet has packed on a few winter pounds, or if she just needs some healthier options.

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