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Compare Dog Foods

There are a number of ways to compare dog foods. Depending on whether your concerns are more focused on the value for your dollar, the nutritional value of your dog’s food, or both, there is a number of factors to consider once you begin to compare dog foods.

Many pet owners compare dog foods in order to determine which is healthiest and chock full of vitamins and nutrients for their pet. When searching for a good dog food, you should be aware of several key factors. First, what are the base ingredients of the dog food? As you compare dog foods, look for brands that don’t feature a tremendous number of preservatives or artificial ingredients. These additives can at times reap havoc on your dog’s digestive system. Compare dog foods that have good, quality meats including lamb, turkey, or kidney and liver. Likewise, the brand you choose should not use cheap fillers like corn.

Another health and nutrition issue to look for when you compare dog foods is whether or not the brand conforms to the ratio that veterinarians suggest. Your dog’s food should be approximately forty percent meat, thirty percent vegetable, and thirty percent starch, preferably brown or white rice.

Value is always something to consider as you compare dog foods. Buying in bulk almost always guarantees that you will save a few dollars. If two brands seem to meet all of your nutritional and health standards, then a simple check of the price per unit on each will help you make the best selection.

Most veterinarians insist that pet owners compare dog foods. Today there are a plethora of commercial and small independent dog food manufacturers in the marketplace. By comparing the competing brands, you can be sure that your dog is getting the very best in nutrition for her daily meals.

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