Feed your dog only the best natural dog food

Best Dog Foods

Choosing the best dog food is not a simple task, but by following a list of things to look for while seeking the best dog food, pet owners can make the right, healthy decision for their canine friends.

The best dog food is one that strictly adheres to the ratios for meat, starch, and vegetables recommended by veterinarians and top breeders. Meat should occupy forty percent of your dog’s diet. Recommended meats found in the best dog food include turkey, lamb, lean ground chuck beef, liver, chicken, and kidney. Avoid brands that use meat by-products at all costs.

The vegetable ratio for the best dog food is thirty percent of the total meal. Good vegetable sources that you can search for when reading dog food labels include carrots, yellow squash, zucchini, and yams. If the brand you are holding does not list any of these on its label, or in some cases if the brand does not list any vegetable content, then it is not the best dog food choice you can make for your pet.

Starch should make up the final thirty percent of your dog’s meals. The best dog food is the one that avoids fillers like corn, over-processed wheat and soy, and other cheap fillers that commercial dog food brands employ in order to cut costs and increase profits. Look for brands that use brown or white rice, barley or barley flakes, or oats as its main source of starch. These types of starches are more easily digestible and are more conducive to the canine digestive system and body chemistry.

Finally, the best dog food is the kind that does not use unnecessary artificial colors or flavor enhancements. These additives are no more beneficial than the bright colors found in sugary kid’s cereals. They are for aesthetics only; they do not add to the flavor and they can actually prove to be harmful to many breeds of dogs.

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