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Best Dog Food

How does one go about choosing the best dog food? There are now literally hundreds of brands of dog food available for purchase, and among these brands there are several different formulas that take into account your dog’s age, breed, amount of physical activity, as well as dietary constraints. The following is a method that makes choosing the best dog food a little less frustrating.

The first step toward selecting the best dog food is being aware of your dog’s exact age. This can prove difficult if you have adopted your dog from a local animal shelter. At times, shelter dogs may be used to a diet that does not include the best dog food for their age. If your dog is under one year, then you must look exclusively for blends made for puppies up to a year old. The best dog food designated for puppies up to a year will include nutritional supplements geared toward promoting healthy growth and vigor in the dog’s early months. Without these nutritional supplements your puppy may miss out on essential vitamins and minerals early on.

Another key aspect of determining the best dog food for your pet is sticking with breed appropriate selections. A German shepherd has different dietary needs than a toy poodle; likewise, the size and shape of the food may be inappropriate for small dogs to properly chew and digest. If you have two different breeds of dogs at home, the best dog food for each may differ dramatically.

Finally, you must choose the best dog food based on your pet’s level of physical activity. If you have a breed that is primarily an outdoor dog, and she spends most of her days running, jumping, digging, or even working around the family farm, then you must feed her dog food high in protein and complex carbohydrates. However, if your dog spends most of his days alternating between the couch, the bed, the floor, and in front of the fireplace, the best dog food is low in calories and fat, and takes into account the limited range of exercise and physical activity your dog experiences throughout the day.

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